“MY RIGHT” is an informational and educational series about citizens’ rights for which Stefan and I did the art direction, graphic design, illustration, storyboard, animation, title sequence and set design for all 12 episodes.
Visual identity had to be designed for a broad public, easily understandable, emotional and engaging, blending together live video and 2D animation.
CD, AD, Graphic design, Illustration, Set design, Title sequence: Vanja Seferović, Stefan Knežević
Animation: Vanja Seferović
Director: Miloš Pavlović
Director of photography: Dragan Vildović
Producer and editor: Bojana Maljević
Production: Monte Royal Pictures International


Below you can see full episode #01. The rest can be found here.
animation, art_direction, design, illustration
animation, art, design, illustration, motion design, promo material, seferovic, title sequence, vanja, visual identity