“Inner Game” is an exhibition created to remind us to look at the bright side of life and remember that happiness we all search for, can be only found inside of us. It is an emotion we create ourselves.
Each artwork represents one of ten stages of the evolutionary cycle.
Central figures are beautiful women, the ones we usually see in advertising. But in these billboards of the Street gallery, they are not selling or buying anything, they are now sending us deeper messages, as “Focus on the bright side” or “Trust your intuition”.
Messages are communicated through a palette of different symbols. Animal motifs bring new associations, position of the body tells if they are looking left into the past, right into the future or gazing straight into us, present in the current moment. Open eyes are here completely white, alluding that the gaze is both focused into the inner and the outer world at the same time.
Bright colours do not only bring associations, but vibrations too; science has found that colors have the power even to change the rhythm of our heart. Baby pink calms us down and inspires gentleness while yellow wakes us up, it is the color of the intellect and focused power.
And finally, empty, clear surface is that here to invite the viewer for a dialog, a moment where the individual is on the move, playground between the boundaries and rules on the individual level, and the place of search for new creative solutions.

Space: Street Gallery, Belgrade, SRB


Photos from the opening night: Nemanja Knežević

Start Where You Are

To start the game, we first need to be willing to change. We’ll never be completely prepared for it, but we have to be brave because not everything worthwhile is easy. The snake is here to remind us that transformation is always possible and that even if there is fear, we need to find the courage and grow as we go.

Take Your Time

In todays fast living world we often forget that in order to move on, sometimes we first need to rest. Here is a reminder to be “deer” to ourselves and defend our own time with our “horns”.

Clean Your Space

In order to make space for habits that will give us good energy, we first need to get rid of the old ones. It is time to examine what surrounds us and fills our inner and outer world and start choosing healthier options. The lioness reminds us to be the queen of our jungle and organize it according to what we need, so we could fully enjoy it.

Trust Your Intuition

Only when we clear our space and calm down, can we hear the whisper of our intuition. The moth, as the nocturnal animal with heightened senses, reminds us that in the dark of our own depths is the light that will show us the road of our unique path.

Go For Your Dreams

It is equally important to find our dreams as it is to go for them. The horns of the greater kudu are a metaphor for persistence and perseverance and the rose stands as a message to hold our ideas firmly, communicate them and water them so they could blossom into their full beauty.

Connect With Love

When we get to know ourselves better we will remember that we are not perfect and that we cannot expect that from others. The ladybug opens her wings to give and receive love – empathy, understanding, respect, joy, honesty. What we give, comes right back to us.

Tears Are Teachers

The polar bear reminds us that hibernation is the natural part of the process. If we look at the situation from a different perspective, even in the hardest moments, we will be able to find wisdom, to learn what we don’t want and what we will not repeat in order to move to the next level.

Focus On The Bright Side

The zebra reminds us that we live in a world full of dualities and polarities. Being aware of both sides, we can choose what to focus on. From our thoughts and emotions depends how we will see and react to situations we find ourselves in.

Keep Playing and Evolving

We often forget that we learn best through play and enjoy the process the most, when we are not thinking about the outcome. The dragonfly, a symbol of change and joy, master of flight, teaches us that in every part of our personality, in every relationship and the story of our lives, we can develop our virtuosity and move forward in our self accomplishments.


In order to move forward, we need to leave the burdens of anger, judgement and disappointment behind. White dove reminds us that deep peace and love come once we forgive. Forgiving others for not knowing better, forgiving ourselves cause we’ve been there too.

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